Upstate Carolina Real Estate Investors Association

Upstate Carolina Real Estate Investors Association

Become a Vendor

How to Become a Vendor at UpstateCREIA

Thank you for your possible interest in applying to become a Vendor at UpstateCREIA! Let us first tell you who we are, and what we’re all about so you can determine if UpstateCREIA is a good match for your business.

As a trade association, we’re always looking for good, honest, reliable product and service related professionals who can serve the needs of our active business-members, so if this is you, we would love to have you apply, and possibly gain one of our coveted vendor spots.

UpstateCREIA, is a non-profit association made up primarily of Real Estate Investors, as well as other business professionals directly related to our industry. We are not an association of real estate agents or brokers.

 As real estate investors, we’re engaged in the business of:

  • Buying property for our own investment purposes
  • Buying and managing rental properties
  • Buying property, fixing it up, then selling it to homeowners
  • Buying notes & mortgages from lenders for the purposes of investment
  • Buying small commercial properties for investment purposes

 We are independent business owners and entrepreneurs engaged in the business of buying and selling real estate properties as investments and active business income.

The Best Type of Vendor for Our Group-

The best type of vendors for our group, are those businesses whose products or services are used directly in the business of real estate investing. We understand that your business may serve many types of consumers & business owners, but if you currently have a niche customer base of investors or think your product/service would benefit investors, we’d love to have you apply to become a vendor.

Benefits of Being a Vendor

Website listing
Your company will be listed in our online business directory along with a link to your website. Email list     


Our association sponsors an Online Networking list with over 3,000 interested investors who have voluntarily registered to receive these emails. The list is used for our investors to exchange property information, provide referrals, and ask/answer questions among investors. Our list members include first-time buyers to experienced investors with millions of dollars of property, both residential and commercial. As an associate member, you will be allowed to post up to two emails per month using this powerful resource in order to advertise your company’s services. This replaces the need to obtain and maintain a mailing list and snail mail your information to this targeted group of people.


Vendor Table at monthly meetings
We provide a designated vendor area along with tables where you can set up promotional material.

Vendor Expo
Periodically we host a Vendor Expo where we invite the public, and our entire Yahoo groups membership. The monthly meeting becomes an exposition for Vendors who wish to do business with real estate investors from around the Upstate and Western North Carolina.
Each participant is provided with a table and space to display signage and wares of their business and the ability to interact with hundreds of local investors and would-be investors.
If you are a current monthly vendor of UpstateCREIA, you do not pay extra to participate in this event. Your registration is complimentary as part of your membership.
Companies who are not currently vendors of UpsateCREIA are welcomed and encouraged to participate. Check with our Vendor Coordinator for various participation options and charges.

Coffee Sponsorship
Opportunities are available to sponsor the refreshments at one of our meetings. We post signs acknowledging the sponsorship and announce the sponsor at the beginning of the meeting. In addition, we provide 10 to 15 minutes for the sponsor to do a topical presentation and explain how their company can assist investors in their business. The cost of the sponsorship is $100.

Additional opportunities are routinely being looked at to provide more exposure to you and your products and to give you the opportunity to “get in front of” our members. We also periodically have Vendor Breakfast symposiums where we invite all the vendors to share ideas about how we can mutually better serve each other.

Submitting Your Vendor Application
There are 3 ways to submit a vendor application for our Vendor Committee review.

  • Download the PDF application to print out and complete. Email it to
  • Download the PDF application to print out and complete.  Mail the application, along with payment to: 4501 Old Spartanburg Rd, Suite 15, Taylors SC 29687.
  • Download the PDF application to print out, complete and bring the application to our monthly meeting (3rd Monday of the month).  Hand it in to Membership Desk with your payment (check, Visa, MasterCard)

**Please note: You must submit payment prior to your application being reviewed, however payment does not guarantee your application will be accepted.  After the vendor committee has reviewed your application and followed up with any questions, considerations or concerns, your application will will either be accepted or denied. Your check will only be deposited upon approval of your application, otherwise it will be returned to you un-cashed.

A 1 -year Membership is:

  • $600 for 2 people
  • $650 for 3 people
  • $700 for 4 people

 Existing Vendor Renewal

If you are an existing vendor, you can renew by following the same steps above.

Contact our Vendor Coordinator

If you have any vendor related questions please submit them to our Vendor Coordinator, Daniel McDuffie, at