How to Creatively Construct and Fund Deals Without Going to Banks

 Dealmaker is a one-of-a-kind, full-day seminar, taught by Bill Cook. You’ll see and learn multiple ways to creatively construct and fund deals without going to banks.

Creative deal making is a learned thing, not a born-knowing-how-to-do-it thing. It’s a unique language that must be learned.

At Dealmaker, Bill will show you 15 deals he and Kim have done. With each deal, you’ll see how it was found, structured, funded,and once acquired, how the property was turned into a mailbox money machine.

You’ll also see all the different deal structuring tools used in each situation that allowed the seller’s uncomfortable situation to be turned into a win-win deal...without going to a bank!

Here are the 15 creative deal structures you’ll see, and that we’ll discuss during the Dealmaker.

-Deed for Note Deal
-Owner Financed (to buy) Deal
-Owner Financed (to sell) Deal
-Option to Sell Deal
-121 Deal
-Foreclosure Flip Deal
-Lonnie Deal
-Subject-to Deal
-Master Lease Deal
-Wrap Option Deal
-Wrap Mortgage Deal
-Assignment Deal
-Property Tax Deed Deal
-Immediate Auction Flip Deal
-Structing a crappy purchase into a great deal

Question: Have YOU ever used any of these creative structures to buy or fund a deal? If not, why not?

During Dealmaker, you’ll also learn how to make T-bar and Teeter-totter written offers. What makes these unique offers so effective? Often times the seller’s why is more important than their how much. Chew on that thought for a minute.

With the purchase contract you’re currently using, does it even mention the seller’s why?Bet is doesn’t. Why not?Riddle me that one, Batman

If you learn just one –ONE–creative technique that allows you to structure and/or fund your next deal, will Dealmaker be time well spent? After all, isn’t our goal as investors to continually become more fluent in the language of creative deal structuring and funding?

Bill has been creatively constructing deals since 1990. Some of the structures you’ll see will drop your jaw and change the direction of your real estate investing life!

Bill will not waste your time. If you feel Dealmaker wasn’t a day well spent, we’ll give you a full, no-questions-asked refund.

When/Where to Attend:

Oct 23 (Door Knocking) & 26 (Creative Deal Structuring), 2019
Embassy Suites Golf Resort
670 Verdae Blvd
Greenville, SC 29607

A Day of DoorKnocking and Offer Making

When it comes to learning about real estate investing, we can all agree that getting face-to-face with sellers is where the rubber meets the road. No classroom training or role playingcan take the place of getting face-to-face with homeowners and sellers and making on-the-spot written offers. NOTHING!

Here’s what investors will experience at Bill’s one-of-a-kind, out-in-the-real-world,Door-Knocking-and-Offer-Making class:

-Bill will take up to 30 people out for a day of door knocking and offer making.
-During the day, investors will watch Bill make between 5 and 10 written offers.
-Folks will witness 8 out of 10 sellers inviting us –all of us–in to see their house.
-During the day, we’ll find between 1 and 3 Shadow Sellers. A “Shadow Seller” is a homeowner who will soon put their house on the market, but it’s not on the market yet, nor is it on your competitors’ radar screens.
-Each person attending the class will also receive Bill’s information-packed, 100+ page Door Knocking and Offer Making manual.

I know what you’re thinking: “Door knocking never works here!” “No one will invite us in!” “We’re likely to get shot or arrested!”“Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”

You couldn’t be more wrong!

Here are the facts:
-Since 1972, Bill has made his living knocking on homeowners’ doors. Over the course of nearly 50 years, he literally has knocked on tens of thousands of homeowners’ doors in nearly every state in the Union, plus Canada, Mexico and France.
-Bill put himself through college selling Electrolux vacuums door to door. After graduating,because his earning potential was so much greater with Electrolux, he continued working for Electrolux instead of going to work for Proctor & Gamble. He worked for Electrolux for 18 years!
-Since 1995, Bill and Kim have built their real estate investing business square on the back of knocking on homeowners’ doors and getting face-to-face with sellers.
-By the end of the Day of Door Knocking and Offer Making, you’ll agree that knocking on homeowners’ doors is the fastest, cheapest and most effective way to get face-to-face with sellers and make written offers.You’ll also agree that homeowners can’t be nicer or more willing to help and share information.

What does the day look like?
9:00 a.m.: We meet at McDonald’s.Bill will conduct a short class on what to expect from the day.
-9:45 to 1:00: We drive to a nearby neighborhood. We stop at houses for sale (FSBOs and listed), houses for rent, houses with blue tarps on the roof, houses with boats/campers in the driveway,houses with work vans in the driveway,houses next door to houses that are for sale or in distress,etc. We will make between two and four written offers before lunch time. -1:00to 2:00: We eat lunch at McDonald’s. Bill answers questions.
-2:00 to 5:00: We pick up where we left off in the neighborhood we’re working. By 5:00, we will have made between 5 and 10 written offers.
-5:00 to 6:00: Back at McDonald’s, Bill answers deal-structuring questions.

Bonus: Throughout the day, Bill will discuss different ways to creatively construct and fund deals without going to banks.

Are you tired of real estate investing theory? Do you want to watch a seasoned dealmaker, with nearly 30 years of experience, make real-world, on-the-spot,creatively constructed written offers?

No other real estate investor teaches a class that’s anything like this one.This is truly a one-of-a-kind event!

Bill will not waste yourvaluabletime. At the end of the day, if you feel your time wasn’t well spent, return your manual and we’ll give you a full, no-questions-asked refund

To sign up for Bill’s Day of Door Knocking and Offer Making class, go to your REIA’s website. One thing: Because Bill can only take 30 people, this class will sell out. It always does. Sign up early! Tell your friends!

To learn more about Bill’s door knocking class, or to learn more about Bill and Kim, go to:
Facebook: Bill and Kim Cook
YouTube: Bill and Kim Cook

Money-Back Guarantee
-Bill will not waste your time. This will be a day packed full of real-world, meat-and-potato, creative-deal-making information.
-At the end of the class, if for any reason, you do not feel Bill's class was worth your valuable time, you'll get a full, no-questions-asked refund.

About Bill and Kim Cook 
Bill and Kim are a husband and wife real estate investing team.  Bill creatively constructed his first deal in 1990, and he’s been helping other investors do the same since 1997.
Their investment portfolio consists of single-family rental homes, mobile homes, a small mobile home park, plus notes and options.
They built their business square on the back of knocking on homeowners’ doors.  Why?  Because it’s the fastest, cheapest and most effective way to get offers.

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